Privacy Policy

This is an ethical business which does not sell any information to third parties or any other concerns; never has and never will .

All client details are treated with utmost respect and confidentiality.

Website cookies:
We do not use Google Analytics. This means we do not collect information regarding visitor behaviour patterns and or traffic.

Cookies are however, used for our website security protection plug-in (called iThemes). This plug-in reads IP addresses so that it can better secure the site, and offers an IP blacklist/whitelist to protect our site from being hacked.

You do have an option to disable cookies in your browser if you so wish, by finding your settings and following the relevant instructions. This should not affect the functionality of our website, but could affect other sites you may visit.

Emails from the Contact Enquiry Form:
Our contact enquiry form is a standardised, simple but efficient way for you to be able to  contact us with details of the services you desire from us.

The information is only used solely for the purposes of understanding and serving your needs.
This information is processed in-house to build quotes; provide estimates and to generate service agreements accordingly.
We do not store these emails on any database; do not use them for mailing lists nor share them with any third party.
We never send unsolicited emails to our clients, and will only contact you in respect of services you request from us.

Emails may be backed up on to a local drive and are not accessible to anyone who is not our employee .

We do not and will not share client contact details with third parties without the express written or verbal permission of the client in question. (For example, forwarding a message at client's request).

Invoice System:
We hold names, company addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses from our clients on our invoice system. This is only used for accounting and tax purposes. Under GDPR, we are not required to ask for consent to send invoices and other transactional emails to customers. We only use this personal information internally. We do not share any client information with any other business concerns nor do we use such information for marketing purposes.

The "Right to be Forgotten":

Under the new GDPR, individuals can now request the ‘right to erasure’. If for any reason you’d like to have your personal data removed from our systems, it is your legal right to request this and for us to comply within 1 month. We will provide a report to show you this has been done. For more information from the ICO regarding the ‘right to erasure’, please see here.

You can easily request a data report here or data deletion here

The system will send you an automated email confirmation link, and once confirmed will receive your report/deletion immediately.